3D Model of the Month: Our SIGGRAPH 2022 booth in 3D and AR

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This year we had the opportunity to attend the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference in Vancouver as an exhibitor. That means RapidCompact by DGG had an own dedicated booth at SIGGRAPH to showcase the RapidCompact software. We proudly present our booth in 3D and AR as our 3D Model of the Month for September.  


SIGGRAPH, is the name of a special interest group, as well as of the annual conference organized by it: the SIGGRAPH conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques! The conference brings together an international community of researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists and business professionals. Since we founded DGG in 2018, RapidCompact has been part of the conference, and our team members loved to attend it way before as well.   

RapidCompact by DGG at SIGGRAPH 2022

In 2022 the conference took place in person again after 3 years due to the pandemic. Therefore, we were really excited to be present with our own booth in the Convention Center Vancouver from August 8th to 11th for the first time in the main exhibitor space. Learn more about what we presented at SIGGRAPH 2022 and especially about our newest RapidCompact Platform UI Update. 

Our booth as 3D Model

To commemorate the conference, an accurate recreation of our SIGGRAPH 2022 booth in 3D and AR is the Model of the Month September. The final version of the model shown has 1.2M polygons and is about 31.3 MB in size.   

Since we wanted to try and interact with the model in AR, we decided to put it in Instagram using Spark AR Studio which limits its AR models to 10 MB. Using RapidCompact, we optimized the model using the Spark AR preset. This reduced the model to 31.000 polygons and 3.49 MB while maintaining the model’s level of detail. With it being now optimized for AR, the model was ready for upload and viewing in snapchat.  

Take a look at our SIGGRAPH booth in AR and 3D. 

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