Darmstadt Graphics Group raises funding of €760k to advance RapidCompact


We’re proud to reveal that the DGG has secured a total of €760K in a seed funding round to support the development and worldwide adoption of RapidCompact, the revolutionary 3D graphics optimization software.

The investment was led by 3VC Partners, Fraunhofer Tech Transfer Fund (FTTF), Singapore-based Sobel Rand Pte Ltd, and Charlie Songhurst, former Head of Strategy at Microsoft.

The funds will be used to enhance the performance and usability of RapidCompact, which is our leading web-based SaaS application. The software is cleverly designed to convert heavy high-quality 3D assets whilst retaining the original fidelity. The optimization tool brings customers a more simplified and automated process when distributing the newly compressed 3D files across web, mobile, AR and XR platforms.

“This is a milestone achievement for us at DGG. It will allow the necessary push to take RapidCompact to the next level by strengthening our service capabilities. We plan to ramp up our business with investments in sales and marketing activities. As a consequence, we hope to grow brand awareness globally,” says CEO Max Limper.

One of our key targets is to establish closer links with the US and Asian markets. “We aim to expand our network internationally by cooperating with leading American and Chinese retailers”, explains Max. We will also offer a dedicated RapidCompact ecosystem to our Chinese partners.

This is the second stage of the funding round, which started in 2019. The first stage, called “The Pre-seed Round” was led by Fraunhofer Tech Transfer Fund, whose mother-institution, Fraunhofer IGD, is DGG’s alma mater.

“Back in 2014, Fraunhofer IGD was the place to be when it came to 3D technology innovation – where strong ideas could grow and mature with the help of excellent people. We won our first licensees for our software when we were still working at Fraunhofer”, Max recalls.

We’re aiming to contribute to a large-scale breakthrough of interactive 3D graphics and position RapidCompact as the go-to tool in the field of 3D data optimization.

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RapidCompact is an automated solution to optimize your 3D assets for the use in real-time applications. With more than six years of development and experience with customers from different industries, DGG shapes RapidCompact to automate 3D pipelines and enables large-scale use-cases. Sign up for free!

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