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We’re thrilled to welcome the latest member of the DGG team, Arto Ruotsalainen. Arto has been the Vice President for Global Business of DGG for the last month and, as he mentions on his LinkedIn profile, he is “on a mission to make sure billions of digital 3D models fit all environments”.

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Arto’s interest in technology and programming started at a very early age. When he was 9, his older brother introduced him to Delphi Pascal, a programming tool which sparked a lifelong interest and prompted him to study Computer Science and Project Management at Tieturi, Finland, the country where he is still based. At 18, he joined a startup called Hybrid Graphics that was bought a year later by NVIDIA. From there onwards, he took on various management roles for multiple companies such as Futuremark, Rightware or Basemark. During the two years before joining DGG, Arto worked at trinamiX where he met team member, Hazem Hasan, who put Arto in contact with the co-founders of DGG. The rest is history.

After 15 years working in the real-time graphics industry, Arto has joined DGG to support the development of the company and its ecosystem globally. Despite coming aboard only a month ago, he has been very busy building new relationships with clients and developing existing ones, collecting customers’ feedback and understanding their needs. As a Global Business Manager, Arto’s goal is to solve some of the challenges the graphics industry has been facing in the last years, bringing RapidCompact to a global community of users, as the best solution to optimise 3D content to fit all platforms. Arto works closely with CEO Max Limper, Business Developer, Felix Limper and Product Developer and 3D Solutions Engineer, Julian- Alexander Neagu.

As a technology enthusiast, he’s always researching and learning about what’s new, keeping his eyes on the digital world to discover new trends and businesses. Arto employs social media to stay up to speed with what’s happening “now” in the industry, following numerous technology leaders and colleagues in the real-time graphics sector as well as companies leading in those areas.

Working for a startup can be time-consuming so whenever he has some spare time he does house renovations and spends time with his children, 13 and 12, and also his two dachshunds. Arto and his family are already getting ready for winter which they are hoping is better than last year’s rainy winter and brings some white snow for Christmas.

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Welcome to the team, Arto!

Reach out and connect with Arto via Linkedin.

For more information on RapidCompact contact our support team at contact@dgg3d.com.


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