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We’re excited to announce that Hazem Hasan has joined the team at DGG. We welcomed Hazem three months ago when he joined us as Cloud Tech Lead.

Hazem Hasan joins DGG RapidCompact

Hazem graduated in Computer Science in Syria, the country where he grew up and began his professional journey. Right after he got his diploma, he moved to Germany and started a Master’s Degree in Distributed Software Systems at the Technische Universität in Darmstadt. While studying his masters, he joined the Fraunhofer IGD as a researcher. Even though his background is not in computer graphics, Hazem started working full-time at Fraunhofer IGD joining the Visual Computing department where he worked on a solution for visualising 3D data on the web called Instant3DHub. And that’s when his adventure in computer graphics and 3D content started.

Before joining DGG as a full-stack developer, Hazem briefly joined a 3D scanning company based in Helsinki, working in the R&D department. However, Hazem is no stranger to the DGG team as he was a colleague of our CEO Max Limper and CTO Miguel Sousa during their time at the Fraunhofer IGD. He has actually witnessed the evolution of DGG as a company and the development of RapidCompact over the last couple of years.

With 10 years of hands-on work experience in various fields in Information Technology, Hazem has gained deep knowledge in various programming languages both in research and production.

At DGG, Hazem is leading the development of the RapidCompact cloud system, covering aspects like full-stack application architecture, API development, monitoring and scalability, support for different cloud infrastructure providers, dockerization or on-premise deployments.

As a Cloud Tech Lead, Hazem likes to stay up to date with the latest news and updates on cloud architecture, especially those related to AWS. One of his go-to publications is Entrepreneur Magazine which he highly recommends for those interested in startups. Keeping in touch with technology is definitely part of his day-to-day activity but not everything is about technology. In his spare time, Hazem likes to practice sports and, like everyone else, watch Netflix and relax. When circumstances allow it, he likes to practice one of his favourite activities — lindy hop dancing. Which is definitely a great way to disconnect and have some fun.

Welcome to the team, Hazem!

If you’d like to connect with Hazem, you can find him on Linkedin.

For more information on RapidCompact contact our support team at contact@dgg3d.com.


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