DGG reports on the 3D e-commerce revolution for TechSpective


In what may seem like an unlikely turn of events, DGG, makers of RapidCompact, and Kayne West are now working in the same business: 3D e-commerce. 

Our CEO, Max Limper, has written an article for TechSpective discussing the significance of Kanye’s latest business venture, Yeezy Supply, an online shop that lets shoppers dress a three-dimensional model in virtual clothes. 

The use of 3D graphics in e-commerce seems novel now, but similar tech will soon become commonplace. 

Instead of merely looking at pictures of items they’re interested in buying, consumers will come to expect the ability to zoom in on complex 3D models, turn them around to see every angle and interact with products in ways that were previously only possible in physical High Street shops.

RapidCompact is here to power this revolution by allowing our customers to create 3D content on a massive scale

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