RapidCompact shortlisted in the ‘Innovative Business Idea’ category of the Hessischer Gründerpreis 2020


We’re delighted to announce that RapidCompact has been chosen from 155 applicants and shortlisted in the ‘Innovative Business Idea’ category of the Hessischer Gründerpreis 2020.

The Hessischer Gründerpreis initiative was launched in 2002 and aims to promote start-up activity in Hesse, Germany. It shines a light on young companies from a wide variety of industries and is designed to create an ideal environment for the successful development of their business concepts.

The ‘Innovative Business Idea’ category will be awarded to the company that has achieved the most success in bringing a disruptive product or service to the market it operates in.

Originally developed at the Fraunhofer Society, RapidCompact by DGG is the result of more than six years of intense R&D. The software benefits companies by automating the conversion of high-quality, optimized 3D assets for any platform including web, mobile, AR, or XR.

We look forward to participating in the semi-finals this October, in Kassel.

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RapidCompact is an automated solution to optimize your 3D assets for the use in real-time applications. With more than six years of development and experience with customers from different industries, DGG shapes RapidCompact to automate 3D pipelines and enables large-scale use-cases. Sign up for free!

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